Katsuo Guest House Accommodation Exchange

To work for accommodation facility for free might great way to see the country and you can have a benefit to save money on expenses.  As a back packer in Japan, you may recognized these opportunities.
Our guesthouse offer you accommodation in exchange with some labor.  It is also wise way to get to know the town or city.
You have two choices for this opportunities:
1. Free accommodation in exchange with 2- 4 hours work from 8am- 10am or 8pm- 12pm
2. Free accommodation plus 30,000Yen per month in exchange with 6hours a day from 6pm – 12pm, 5 days a week job.
** For the second choice, it requires a visa with working permit.
***Communication skill be preferred.
Please send me your application
●Address(in your country):
●Passport number:
●Do you have working holiday visa?
●Phone number:
●When and How long do you want to stay in our guesthouse?
●What’s your favorite?
●Please send me your photo
●Questions or Request

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