Katsuo Guest House Accommodation Exchange

To work in exchange for free accommodation might be a great way to see the country that allows you to save money on expenses.  As a backpacker in Japan, you may recognise these opportunities.

Our guesthouse offers you accommodation in exchange for some labour. It is also a wise way to get to know the town or city.
You have two choices for this opportunity:
1. Free accommodation in exchange for 2 – 3 hours work.
2. Free accommodation plus 30,000Yen per month in exchange for 6 hours a day from 6pm – 12pm, 5 days a week.
** For the second choice, a visa with a working permit is required.
***Communication skills are preferred.
Please send me your application
●Address (in your country):
●Religous? (if yes please specify):
●Passport number:
●Do you have a working holiday visa?
●Phone number:
●When and for how long do you want to stay at our guesthouse?
●What are your hobbies and/or skills?
●Please send me your photo
●Questions or requests

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