Work exchange

Work For Accommodation:
To work for accommodation is a popular way to see the country and save money on expenses. As a backpacker in Japan, you may come across some opportunities to ‘work for accommodation’ or ‘work exchange’.
In Katsuo guesthouse you will your accommodation in exchange for your labour. To work for accommodation is a great way to experience a town or city and save money on your accommodation costs. Working for accommodation can be a fantastic way to save money, meet other people and experience a town, city or community in Kochi.
We are looking for staff who can speak little Japanese.if you want to challenge please contact us.

Those who are committed to staying in a hostel for at i month.
You can stay / live in the hostel, for free. All rent and utilities are covered in exchange for a few hours work.

There are two types of work exchange. The first one requires a visa with working permit while the latter one can be done by anyone even with tourist visa.

① You get food budget; 30,000yen per month(work hour: 6h/pm6~am0:00)

②  Acommodation only; no budget(work hour: 2〜4h/am8~pm12:00 or pm8~am0:00)

contents of business
•Cleaning, Check in, Chatting, Light out
•Making or correcting signage in the hostel including the design or translation
•Spending time with Japanese guests chatting, sightseeing, cooking, Etc. Just being a friendly face around the hostel for the guests to interact with.
•If you have any other hidden talents we would love for you to share them with the guests.


●Address(in your country):
●Passport number:
●Do you have working holiday visa?
●Phone number:
*If you don’t have any contact number in Japan, please fill in the one in your country.
* Please send me your photo
●From when and how long do you want to stay in our guesthouse?
●What’s your favorite?
●Questions or request

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