Learn about the culture of Kochi in this DIY guesthouse! Each room has been designed with a different Kochi theme in mind so you are guaranteed to have an interesting stay! Once a traditional family house it has now been transformed into a unique, design based guesthouse whilst still retaining the cosy at home feel! 4 rooms and 12 beds : Cabin-style, Tatami-style, Western-style, Dormitory-style.

ゆずルーム/Yuzu Room

【設備】ベッド、テラス、ハンモック、アロマディフューザー、化粧台、扇風機、ヒーター ※2名様ご利用時は布団を1組ご用意いたします ※4畳半 ※クーラーはありません

The Yuzu Room

Constructed out of stucco and natural wood, this private room has been made to resemble a forest of citrus trees. Children especially enjoy playing with its leaves! During the day, enjoy a nap in the hammock. At night, take in the room’s aromas as you fall soundly asleep… Although meant for one person, an extra futon set can be provided. Room for 1〜2 people No air conditioner available.

かつおルーム/Bonito Room

かつおゲストハウスの象徴的なお部屋。青と白の漆喰と土佐和紙を使い、かつおの群れが泳ぐ海の中をイメージ。夏は手作りテラスでビールもOK!龍馬や高知に関する書籍もあるぜよ。お部屋は個室にも男女別ドミトリーにもアレンジ可能☆ 個室は2名〜 ドミトリーは布団スタイルで仕切りはありません
【設備】ウッドデッキ、ハンモック、かつお神社、冷暖房 ※8畳半

The Bonito Room

This is the guesthouse’s namesake room. Surround yourself in a sea of blue while schools of bonito fish swim on Tosa-made shoji screens. Enjoy a summer beer on the homemade terrace! The room can be used as both a dormitory or as a private room Can be used as a private room for two people. As a dormitory, futons are used and the room is not partitioned.Room for 2〜5 people

おきゃくルーム/Sake Room

手作り堀ごたつや久礼の大漁旗、おきゃく文化を描いたふすま絵、土佐和紙など、高知色満載の広々ルーム。季節によってお花見や月光浴も可能。イベント、セミナー、宴会の利用もOK!お部屋は個室にもドミトリーにもアレンジ可能です☆ ドミトリーは布団スタイルで仕切りは布。おきゃくルームはミックスドミトリーになる可能性がありますが、その場合は12畳のお部屋を6畳づつふすまで仕切って男女を分けています。予めご了承ください。
【設備】堀りごたつ、冷暖房 ※12畳

The Banquet Room

This spacious room includes a handmade kotatsu heater and Tosa-made sliding doors. It can be used as a dormitory or be rearranged into private rooms. Each guest is given a set of futon and the spaces can be partitioned using drapes. The room can be used as a unisex room or divided in half by gender with a fusuma sliding door. Room for 6 people


沈下橋をモチーフにしたドアを開けば、そこは四万十川・・・ 四万十エリアに関するパンフレットや書籍も設置しているので読書にも最適。室戸の灯台を描いたむろトイレにはジオパークの石と弘法大使が!!??


The upstairs restroom features references to chinkabashi bridges and the Shimanto River. The downstairs restroom is themed on Koubou Daishi’s pilgrimage of Shikoku’s 88 temples.  

桂浜の湯/Bath Room

月の名所「桂浜」にたたずむ龍馬像を再現。龍馬さんと杯を交わしながら、日本の夜明けについてアツーク語り合おう!浴室は広いので家族みんなで入浴も可能♪ 洗濯機や洗面台もあって便利!
【設備】シャンプー、リンス、ボディーソープ、ドライヤー、洗面台 【有料設備】洗濯機利用、タオル、歯ブラシ、耳栓は有料・100円~ ※乾燥機はありません ※入浴時間6:00〜9:00、16:00〜23:00


Named after the Katsurahama shore, famous for its moonlight views and statue of Sakamoto Ryoma, we hope to inspire thoughts about Japan’s future in the same way that Ryoma once did. The bathroom is spacious enough for family use The washing machine and two wash basins are located here. Use of the washing machine, towels, toothbrushes and earplugs can be purchased for 100 yen. There is no dryer machine available. Open between the hours of 6:00~9:00 and 16:00~23:00.


【設備】冷蔵庫、ガス、レンジ、調理器具、トースター、電気ケトル、調味料、食器、ipad、DVD、スーパーファミコン、地元タウン誌、観光パンフレット、茶・コーヒーなど 【有料設備】ジュースは100円、ビールは200円 ※消灯時間24:00


The kitchen is open for use to all guests. There are also free sake, tea and sweets available as well. We encourage everyone to enjoy their meals here while taking advantage of the kotatsu heater, ipad, dvd and games. Lights out at midnight.